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Dijon, France 7/06

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The streets of Dijon, France.

I had to try Escargot, just once. Slimy, but the pesto seasoning made it OK.

Spent one day in Chamonix, France, at the border with Italy and Switzerland.

Rode the cable car up the mountain. Here is a glacier moving down the mountain towards the village

Another picture of the glacier

Mountain climber climbing up Mont Blanc, the largest mountain in the Alps.

Gorgeous view from about 12,000 feet!

Here I am with Mont Blanc in the background.

I took another cablecar over the glacier to the Italian side

These crevices don't look that big, but some are hundreds of feet deep!

Looking into Switzerland

Glace de Mar Glacier

See the mixture of ice and rock -- the ice is still about 80 feet thick here at the bottom of the glacier where it is melting.

In an ice cave in the glacier, an ice sculptor has done some nice work.

I spent a day in Colmar, France, in the northeast near the German border

Beautiful city -- this area is called "Little Venice" -- I wonder why?

This building has been inhabited since the early 1500's

They've turned the old city walls into apartments.