Evan turned 1 year old on 1/31/07.  Here are the pictures from his party -- as you can see, he seems to like chocolate cake, I think :)  Enjoy! [Click here to return to Evan's page]
Evan's first birthday
Vanilla cake for us, chocolate for Evan
With Mommy and Daddy
Getting the bib ready!
Look at Elmo!
"Hey, what is this, big sisters?"
"Those toys are nice, but I think I kinda like this cake"
With big sister Brooke
"I wonder if I can eat it faster if I use 2 hands?"
"How much can I fit in my mouth at once?"
He's doing a number on that cake!  
"Mmmmm chocolate"
"Don't even think of taking it away -- I'm eating the whole thing!"
Digging into it!  
"Do you need some help with that, little brother?"
"No thanks, I'm doing pretty well on my own"
Meme getting ready to do some clean up 
"Boy, do I feel full!"
"First birthdays rule!"
"I'm not done yet -- there's still lots of cake on the plate!" 
"Am I in trouble,Mommy?"
"Look, all gone!"
Cake is everywhere!
"Whoever wants more cake, raise your hand"
Mommy with her little chocolate lover.
Icing everywhere!  What a great birthday!