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Page 1 -- 1/31/06

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Newborn Evan

Evan lets out a cry to let us all know he is here.

Getting his wristband

Evan is still trying out his lungs as he is fitted with his wristband.


Bright Lights!

Little Cringe

It was much cozier inside Mommy!


Look how big I am, Daddy!

Lots of Hair!

Like his big sisters, Evan was born with a full head of hair.

7 pounds, 10 oz.

Much smaller than his big sisters, born 9lb15oz and 9lb12oz.

Proud Daddy!

Holding Evan for the first time.

Adoring Mommy

Sees her little boy for the first time

Mommy and Daddy

welcome the new addition to the family.

In Recovery

Hanging out with Mommy as she recovers.

Little Burrito

Calm and relaxed wrapped in his swaddling "tortilla"

Napping on Mommy

Sleeping peacefully

With Puddin Pop

His middle name "Robert" is in honor of Puddin's dad.


Proud of her new grandson!

Puddin and Brooke

Brooke can't wait until it's her turn to hold the baby!

Big Sister Taylor

Proud Big Big Sister Taylor.

Taylor and Evan

Isn't my little brother cute?

Big Sister Brooke

Brooke gets to be a big sister for the first time!

Brooke and Evan

Carefully studying her little bro

Brooke and Evan

I think he kindof looks like me!

Nancy, Girls, and Evan

In the shirts from Evan (which Meme made!)

Nancy and Sisters with Evan

Look Brooke, we're both big sisters now!

Diaper Change

Daddy just completes the first diaper change. Yes, he did get sprayed!

Puddin and Evan

Proud Grandfather -- he's been waiting a long time for a little boy!

Strong boy!

Evan resting in Puddin's arms.

Put em up!

Looks like he's getting ready to box.

Eyes open!

We see his eyes for the first time! (Why did you have to do that big flash, Daddy?)

On Daddy's lap

Not that camera thing again, Daddy! Too bright!

Ready to eat!

I'm so hungry, I'd even eat my fingers -- I'm ready for my first feeding, Mommy!


Watching Evan's first meal -- doesn't look as yummy as a Happy Meal!

Smile, Girls!

Our girls, all smiling. Notice little Evan is already walking all over his big sisters!


Evan waking from a nap.

Hands in the air.

Evan posing for a picture -- maybe he's getting used to this camera thing.

Snap those fingers!

Aren't I cute?!