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Page 2 -- 2/1/06

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Wrapped up and Cozy for Mommy

Look at that cute face!

Pacifier baby

Check out my hat!

Hey, give me that paci back!

Deep in thought

Hmmm. Now if God knows all, then how is it that we can have free will? And if we have free will, then how can God be sovereign? Boy, I need to think a little more about this one later.

Can you say "Mommy"?

Drunken sailor

After feeding, Evan has that "drunken sailor" sort of look.

Mommy's little boy

There's no better place to be than with my Mommy!

Hello, Everyone!

Vote for me. I will add new programs and yet cut taxes! You can trust me -- I won't lead you wrong.

Just up from a nap.

I really should have slept more last night.

Stretching my arms

2 days old

That's how many -- 2 -- I am now 2 days old.

More deep thoughts

Hmmm. Pittsburgh is really playing good football right now, but Seattle has been solid all year, and is really being overlooked by the media. I'm going to have to go with Seattle on this one -- sorry Uncle Rich.

Is that a little smile we see, Evan?

Aren't I a little angel?