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Page 3 -- 2/2/06-2/6/06

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Resting on Daddy

Do I look good in this bowtie?

In an outfit Daddy wore when he was a baby!

Baby Blue Eyes

Taking a Nap

About to Leave Hospital

With Daddy and Mommy

Helpful Brooke

Carrying Mommy's purse as she leaves the hospital

On the Way Home!

Prancer meets Evan

Daddy and Brooke with Evan

Happy Grandpop!

With Aunt Polly

Looking at Mommy!

Held up by Daddy

Why is your hair so spiky, Daddy?

Ready for First Bath!

In the hall of mirrors.

I'm ready for bathtime, Daddy!

and sister Brooke is ready to help.

First bath.

I'm not sure I like this!

Little Rocky Balboa!

Here's a paci, for you, little bro!

Thank you, Sis! You're welcome, little guy!

After bathtime.

Puddin with Sleepy Evan!

With happy big sister Taylor

With Taylor and Brooke

Do you want your paci, Evan?

Just lounging around

We saw him in this position during one of our early ultrasounds -- that's how we knew he was a boy :)