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Page 1 -- 1/31/06

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This page contains short videos of Evan.  The format is Apple Quicktime (.mov), and requires Quicktime to view.  You can download Quicktime for free here if you don't already have it installed on your computer.


(No gore in picture, but he is covered with cheese)

Video #2: Evan with Big Sister Brooke

Video #3: Evan Cooing and Grunting

Video #4: Evan on Daddy's Lap with Eyes Open

Video #5: Evan Smacking His Lips

Video #6: On Daddy's Lap -- Ready to Eat Again!

Video #7: Brooke Holding Evan (2/26/06)

Video #8: Looking at Nancy (3/11/06)

Video #9: Puddin' and Evan (3/11/06)

Video #10: Watching Baby Mozart (4/1/06)