Jeffrey S. Morris




Supplementary Material for

Morris JS, Arroyo C, Coull B, Ryan LM, Herrick R, and Gortmaker SL (2005). Using Wavelet-Based Functional Mixed Models to characterize Population Heterogeneity in Accelerometer Profiles: A Case Study. Journal of the American Statistical Association, under revision.


  1. Supplementary figures

  2. Discussion of technical details of DWT method used in paper

  3. Code to compute W matrices

(Note: In this paper, these W matrices were not used to compute the empirical wavelet coefficients, but rather the pyramid-based DWT, which is much faster.  The reason for this code is to explore the properties of the transform for various boundary conditions and approaches for dealing with a non-power of two.  This was used in the document in 2 above.














































































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