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03/09/2015 A Preview commentary article on precision medicine in oncology was published in Cancer Cell, with first author Emmanuel.
03/05/2015 New blood for the Verhaak group - a warm welcome to postdoc Ming "Tommy" Tang!
02/03/2015 Hoon and Siyuan are the first authors of our Genome Research publication on tumor evolution in glioblastoma. Congratulations!
01/21/2015 It was announced today that Roel is a finalist for the Robert M. Chamberlain Distinguished Mentor Award. There are postdoc positions open in the lab, join us!
01/07/2015 Welcome to the lab Eskil Eskilsson!
12/19/2014 Our News & Views article in Genome Biology, on detecting cancer drivers in tumor samples with low purity. By Kosuke.

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