We are a computational cancer biology lab at the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX. Our lab is affiliated with the Department of Genomic Medicine and the Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Our research focus is in the analysis of cancer genomics data to improve our understanding of cancer biology. We have a specialized research interest in understanding disease progression of brain tumors, particularly glioblastoma and glioma. We mostly use high throughput sequencing and computational analysis in our research.


Longitudinal glioma analysis consortium initiative
Roel and others organized a satellite meeting at the annual Society of Neuro-Oncology symposium, which involved participants from twenty institutions from all over the world. This meeting has marked the inception of the Glioma Longitudinal Analysis (GLASS) Consortium. More info can be found at http://www.glass-consortium.org. Read More ›

Cell paper
A new milestone for the lab, our manuscript on comparative molecular analysis across all adult glioma types has been accepted for publication in Cell. Keep eyes out for the January 2016 issue! Read More ›

TCGA Low Grade Glioma Paper
The TCGA lower grade glioma paper was published in the New England Journal today with critical contributions from our lab. Roel was cited on NBC news! Read More ›

Welcome Samir Amin!
Through a lateral transfer from Lynda Chin’s lab, we welcome graduate student Samir Amin in our midst. Read More ›

Welcome Summer Students!
Two undergraduate students have joined the lab for the summer. Welcome to Lexi Xuanyi Li from Notre Dame, and Fred Lang Jr. from Duke. Read More ›

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