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12/15/2014 Proud to release our comprehensive database of tumor-associated transcript fusions: http://www.tumorfusions.org. Results from a pan-cancer fusion study were described in a publication in Oncogene, authored by Kosuke, Qianghu, and others.
11/20/2014 Roel represented the TCGA lower grade glioma working group at the annual Society for Neuro-Oncology meeting in Miami,FL, Nov 13-16, which was well received. Check here and here
10/07/2014 A NIH/NCI Provocative Questions R01 Award was provided to study single cell disease evolution in glioblastoma.
09/09/2014 We welcome Emmanuel Martinez, previously a visiting graduate student, back to the lab but now as a postdoctoral associate!
08/24/2014 A CPRIT Individual Investigator Research Award was awarded for our project on glioblastoma. CPRIT Press Release.
08/04/2014 A new paper authored by Emmanuel Martinez and Kosuke Yoshihara suggests cancers from all origins can be classified according to a limited set of transcriptional footprints; paper published in Oncogene.

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