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04/01/2014 Former postdoc Wandaliz Torres-Garcia publishes her masterpiece: PRADA, a flexible and scalable RNA seq pipeline, in Bioinformatics.
03/13/2014 Productive week in the Verhaak lab, two papers with Siyuan as (co-)first author. Paper in Cell on silent mutations, and publication in PLoS One on GBM subtypes in lower grade glioma.
02/15/2014 Floris Barthel is a medical student from the Netherlands, and joined the lab to work on integrating imaging and genomics for glioma.
02/07/2014 Abstracts by Hoon Kim and Roel were selected for oral presentation at the AACR meeting, in San Diego April 2014!
12/21/2013 Postdoctoral fellow Hoon Kim's abstract was selected for presentation at the highly selective Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting, to be held in Marco Island, Florida in February 2014.
11/01/2013 GSBS Graduate student Kathy Hu joined the group.

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