1. 1.Codes  and Data from the book Bayesian analysis of gene expression data (Mallick, Gold and Baladandayuthapani, 2009)

  1. 2.Code for fitting BDSAcgh (Baladandayuthapani et. al, JASA 2010)

  1. 3.R Package for Bayesian Ensemble Methods for Survival Prediction in gene expression data (Bonato et. al., Bioinformatics 2010)

                    This is the R package for the methods described in Bayesian ensemble methods for survival...


  1. 1.Software for fitting hierarchical spatial functional models, Biometrics (2008)

  1. 2.Matlab code for Bayesian fitting of adaptive P-splines in regression (JCGS, 2005)

  1. 3.Code for fitting IBAG model (submitted)

  1. 4.Code for Bayesian network-based integration of Genomics data (submitted) BayesFactor.R

  1. 5.Supplementary materials for Eurasip journal (Srivastave et al. )


    R package for fitting H-RVM (submitted) hrvm_0.1.1.tar.gz

  1. 6. Supplementary materials for BMC Genomics supplement:



  1. 7. Supplementary Materials for Bayesian Graph Based Classifier


  1. 8. Code for Integrative Bayesian Network Analysis of Genomic Data


                12.Code for DINGO (Bioinformatics, 2015+)

       Code: DINGO_1.0.tar.gz

        Manual: DINGO-manual.pdf