Welcome to Yuan Ji's Research Lab!

I will move to NorthShore University HealthSystem (http://www.northshore.org/research/centers/center-for-clinical-and-research-informatics/) in March, 2012.

My new email contact is koaeraser@gmail.com

Our lab consists of a group of statisticians that focus on statistical methodologies and applications in two main areas:

1. Bayesian models for complex, high-throughput, genomics and proteomics data, such as microarrays, reverse phase protein arrays, and next-generation sequencing data.

2. Bayesian adaptive designs for early-phase clinical trials.

While the two research directions are mostly parallel, we are optimistic that the two paths will cross. For example, there are many trials now based on biomarkers. Also, the rapid progress in genomics research has hinted on personalized medicine.