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1. Appointment. Dr. Liang has been appointed as Deputy Chair in the Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology!

2. Award. Dr. Liang received a CPRIT research award! new

3. Paper. With Gordon Mills' group, we published a paper on driver mutations in PI3KCA in Cancer Cell!new

4. Paper. With Nick Navin's group, we published a single-cell sequencing paper in Nature!new

5. Paper. Yuan Yuan's pan-cancer clinical utility paper is published in Nature Biotechology (press release in BioNews Texas) !new

6. Paper. Leng Han 's pan-cancer pseudogene paper is published in Nature Communications! new

7. Award. Dr. Liang was named one of inaugual R Lee Clark Fellows!

8. Paper. With Dr. Li Ma's group, we published two papers in Nature Cell Biology!

9. Award. Dr. Liang has received one R01 award from NIH/NCI!

10. Paper. Yang Yang 's pan-cancer gene co-expression network paper is published in Nature Communications!

11. Paper. Jun Li's The Cancer Proteome Atlas paper is published in Nature Methods!