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1. Paper. With Gordon Mlls' group, we published a paper on driver mutations in PI3KCA in Cancer Cell!new

2. Paper. With Nick Navin's group, we published a single-cell sequencing paper in Nature!new

3. Paper. Yuan Yuan's pan-cancer clinical utility paper is published in Nature Biotechology (press release in BioNews Texas) !new

4. Paper. Leng Han 's pan-cancer pseudogene paper is published in Nature Communications! new

5. Award. Dr. Liang was named one of inaugual R Lee Clark Fellows! new

6. Paper. With Dr. Li Ma's group, we published two papers in Nature Cell Biology!new

7. Paper. With Dr. Gordon Mills' group, we published the TCGA proteomics paper in Nature Communications! new

8. Award. Dr. Liang has received one R01 award from NIH/NCI!new

9. Paper. Yang Yang 's pan-cancer gene co-expression network paper is published in Nature Communications!

10. Paper. Jun Li's The Cancer Proteome Atlas paper is published in Nature Methods!

11. Paper. Through the collaboration with Sage, we published the Synapse paper in Nature Genetics!