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1. Paper. Through the collaboraton with Fudan Cancer Center, we published a comparative analyis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma between Asian and Caucasian patient populations in Nature Communcationsnew

2. Award. We recived another award from NCI ITCR for collaborative research!new

3. Paper. Jun Li's TCPA data portal paper has been published in Cancer Research!new

4. Paper. Yumeng Wang/Xiaoyan Xu's pan-cancer paper on miRNA editing has been selected as Cover Story in Genome Research!new

5. Paper. Jun Li/Wei Zhao's paper on RPPA profiling of cell lines has been published in Cancer Cell!new

6. Award. We received a U24 grant from NCI to build The Cancer Proteome Atlasnew

7. Paper. Yuan Yuan/Lingxiang Liu's paper on sex effects in Cancer Cell received wide media attention!

8. Award. Han Chen received the NLM Biomedical Informatics Postdoc Fellowship!

9. Paper. Leng Han's RNA editing paper is published in Cancer Cell and has received wide attention from the community!

10. Paper. Jun Li/Leng Han 's TANRIC tool has been widely used in the field, with >10000 users!