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GeneClust is a piece of computer software which can be used as a tool for exploratory analysis of gene expression microarray data. The development of GeneClust was motivated by surging interest to search for interpretable biological structure in gene expression microarray data.

GeneClust includes two basic functions:

  1. Implementation of clustering methods
    1. Hierarchical clustering
    2. Gene shaving
  2. Simulation to assess performance of the above methods.

GeneClust is a suite of S-plus functions and C routines with a graphical user interface. This allows the user the ability to interact directly with the program, to have visualization power of the data and resulting clusters, and to have control of numerous intermediate output results.


Taken from our laptop running RedHat 7.1 and S-plus 6.0.
Multiple resolutions for all images are available:

GeneClust for S-PLUS

GeneClust for R



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