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1. Award. Through collaboration with OHSU, we received a U01 grant from NCI Cancer Systems Biology Consoritiumnew

2. Honor. Dr. Liang was selected as a 2020 Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Sciencenew

3. Honor. Dr. Liang received Barnhart Family Distinguished Professorship in Targeted Therapiesnew

4. Paper. Wei Zhao/Jun Li's paper on the perturbed RPPA profiles by drug treatments was published in Cancer Cell!new

5. Grant. We received a 5-year NCI R01 grant to study the role of m6A RNA modification in cancer!new

6. Paper. Our nex-generation analystic's paper, DrBioRight was published in Cancer Cell!new

7. Paper. Han Chen's paper on the pan-cancer analysis of super-enhancer RNA was published in Cancer Cell!new

8. Award. Dr. Liang won a 2020 AACR Team Science Award!new

9. Honor. Dr. Liang joined the Editorial Advisory Board of Cancer Cell!new

10. Paper. Hu Chen's paper on algorithm assessement of driver mutation prediction was published in Genome Biology!new

11. Paper. Yuan Yuan's paper on the mitchondria pan-cancer analysis was published in Nature Genetics!new