R package TreeBH: Error control for tree-structured hypotheses

R and Matlab code for Bayesian linked precision matrix estimation

Matlab code for bHUB method to identify hub nodes across multiple networks

R package TreeQTL: Hierarchical error control for single and multi-tissue eQTL analysis

  • Reference: Peterson CB, Bogomolov M, Benjamini Y, and Sabatti C. (2016) TreeQTL: hierarchical error control for eQTL findings. Bioinformatics. 32(16): 2556-2558.

Matlab code for Bayesian inference of multiple graphical models

  • Reference: Peterson CB, Stingo F, and Vannucci, M. (2015) Bayesian inference of multiple Gaussian graphical models. Journal of the American Statistical Association. 110(509): 159—174.